Credible Mobile Access

How to access the Credible Mobile Application
(Works with Google Chrome Browser only) 
 Access Credible Mobile on an MHASP computer
1. From your Desktop 
  • find and click on the Credible Mobile Icon that looks like this
2. From your Chrome Browser
  • Open a your browser
  • Open a new tab (ctrl+t)
  • Click on the Credible Icon that appears on the new tab page   
Contact if the instructions do not work on your computer.
  Accessing Credible on a non-MHASP computer

  1. Ensure Google Chrome is loaded on pc
  2. Install the Credible Mobile applications from 
    this link
  3. From your Chrome browser
  4. Sign into Chrome if you are not already logged into it
  5. From your Chrome browser
  6. Credible Mobile has now been added to your Chrome browser