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Today we’re kicking off Mental Health Awareness Month! 

This month we will be raising awareness, educating, combating stigma and celebrating YOU, our Mental Health Care Heroes, for your extraordinary work on behalf of MHP and our participants. Here’s a peek at the different themes that we’ll incorporate each week throughout the month:

Awareness Week beginning the week of May 3rd

  • Highlighting the importance of raising awareness around issues of self-care, caring for others and combating stigma.
Education Week beginning the week of May 10th
  • Highlighting facts to help educate people about mental health issues globally, nationally and regionally. Focus on specific demographics and the impact of COVID-19.
Take Action Week beginning the week of May 17th
  • Highlighting how each of us can take action both inwardly, through displays of kindness towards ourselves and others, and outwardly through outreach to our elected officials in support of mental health legislation.
Hope Week beginning the week of May 24th  
  • Highlighting the positive stories of three MHP Heroes! More details to follow.

You may be asking, how do I get involved? Glad that you asked! Every day throughout the month, we’d like to profile a different staff person on the website and on social media. Starting today, we're encouraging you to answer the following three quick questions and submit them, along with a clear photo of yourself, to the attention of Sara Manning at


1.      How long have you worked at MHP?

2.      What do you like about your job?

3.      What led you to work in the field of mental health?


In the subject line of your email, include your name and MHAM {Your Name – MHAM}, and please keep your answers to 300 characters or less, including spaces. Feel free to share a photo of yourself working on-site or in virtual platforms. We look forward to spotlighting YOU!


I'm excited about Mental Health Awareness Month and I hope that you are too! Stay tuned for more to come.

Take care,
     Dr. A. 

Dr. Adriana Torres-O'Connor, President and Chief Executive Officer

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